Basement Troll Video – Enchantment Tier Reward

Basement Troll Video – Enchantment Tier Reward

Hi folks!

A big thank you to Sandra for the fun prompt for her commission for this cycle! I had so much fun painting this little guy!

I made a timelapse of the process of this guy – normally I won’t do Timelapse’s as they really do take up so much time (and I have to work around the camera a little), but I managed to set it up so I didn’t think about it too much! I also have some ‘real time’ painting in here too.

Chuck on your favourite tunes and enjoy!

Animation Of Blinking Eyes Tutorial In Procreate

Animation Of Blinking Eyes Tutorial In Procreate

First of all, a big warm welcome to my newest patron, Lisa! Thank you so much for joining my special little place on the internet!

ALSO my Kickstarter goes live a week tomorrow and you can go and ‘follow’ it so that you get an email as soon as it goes live (I will post in here too when it does, but it won’t be as fast as following the project!). You can follow it HERE.

As requested by Isabelle – here is my tutorial for you guys! I know most of you won’t necessarily be interested, but for those of you who will be, I hope that it is clear enough!

I’ll be doing the hangout this week – I don’t know if it will be Wednesday or Thursday yet.

Here is the video!

Little Mushroom Guy

Little Mushroom Guy

This is Elizabeth’s Enchantment tier reward (from when she was on Patreon). I hope you like him Elizabeth!

Also a big warm welcome to my newest member, Lexie!! Lovely to have you here!! YAY!

He will be going into my new creature book! I’m still trying to think of names for the book. Maybe ‘Mischief’ could be fun! They mostly look like they’re up to no good after all…

I’ve posted some little videos of the process on instagram and TikTok too! 

This little naughty chap will be going into the creature book, along with other creatures I do for the Enchantment tier. I hope to have at least 40 creatures for the book… do I give them descriptions and little anecdotes too? Or just leave it to the imagination?

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Month Of Love – ‘Embrace’

Month Of Love – ‘Embrace’

This week and next week are the weeks i’ve chosen to do my Month Of Love entries. The first two prompts ( Silence and Rift) didn’t speak to me so much. I am also doing a million things at the moment too (finishing Secrets Of Strangehollow which should have the edit back this week!) and obviously have been building the new membership, so I didn’t have time to think of something profound or deep. But who doesn’t love a lovely hug? Well, some people don’t and that’s ok, but I know I love a hug! 

I’m sending out a hug for all of you who are not able to hug the ones you love right now <3

If anyone wanted to snap these guys up before it goes to my shop then it is £350 for them plus shipping. The size is approx 8.5 x 7.5 inches. They will also be in the next creature book I’m launching in May (hopefully May!). It will be 148mm square (approx 6 x 6 inches). I will be keeping most of them aside for when I do the Kickstarter. 

I also ordered a dot sheet from Schmincke this week. It doesn’t have the new granulating colours that they have on it (which I used for these creatures actually!), but the quality is really good. I’m not sure how much I would replace from my Daniel Smith range (my favourites), but there are a couple I have my eye on! 

Some of these colours didn’t really produce much pigment at all (cobalt azure was one) but those were in the minority. 

My next prompt is ‘Song’ and I have another creature planned out… 

He is singing the song of his people 🙂 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!