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My name is Emily and I am an artist who works mainly in watercolour, creating imaginary worlds, strange creatures and magical beings.

 Immerse yourself in a magical world filled with whimsical folklore, fantasy and legend.


Your membership gives you instant access to painting processes and techniques, tools, and insight into the creation of the enchanted world of Strangehollow and much more! I share things here that I do not share anywhere else. I usually have one big project on the go during any given year with some side quests along the way.






I grew up in a haunted house on top of a hill, near to an ancient neolithic barrow called ‘The Fairy’s Toote’ which has a history of strange happenings. It is perhaps no surprise then, that I ended up completely enamoured with all things folklore.

My passion as an artist is to try to capture that feeling that I had when I truly believed in fairies and magic, and when monsters really did live under my bed. I want to continue to create worlds that don’t exist that will hopefully inspire adults and children alike. The nostalgia of that magical place that only existed in my imagination is what I want to capture and share with the world.


Watercolour is magical thing. It has taught me patience and the ability to ‘go with the flow’. I am an impulsive person and dedicating myself to watercolours has helped me learn how to plan ahead better! I am also now dabbling with gouache as a finishing tool which allows me to paint light over dark (where watercolour is the opposite). 


You might have noticed that I am rather keen on painting creatures. I grew up surrounded with animals and I’m a big fan of nature documentaries. A lot of my inspiration comes from the natural world but the spark that started this journey for me was illustrated fairytales. I am a huge fan of folklore, Beowulf being my all time favourite!



When you become a member, you gain access the posts page. This is where all the content lives and where you will find posts I have made since February 2021!

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An original A5 watercolour painting mailed to you after three months payment of £65 per month. You choose a short prompt such as ‘magical unicorn’ or ‘cute hairy creature’ etc. You can repeat this every three months or sign up for just one cycle

Please be aware that postage & the £6 Whimsy tier is worked into this price

This tier is charged at £65 monthly so your space on this tier will remain until you cancel. After each three month cycle I will contact you and ask for your theme prompt. You must respond to this email within one week, if I have not heard from you after a week then I will be making a painting of my choosing instead! (This is so I can keep my schedule organised).

After your first three month cycle you can either cancel your membership or start another three month cycle. Or you could choose a lower tier to continue viewing my membership only posts! You can downgrade your membership on your account page. LIMITED SPACES. (I ship worldwide).

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I personally really enjoy being a member, the content is very diverse. From behind the scenes of the artworks, with sketches, to the final pieces and also the whole progress about the artbooks she makes. I also learned a lot thanks to the articles about how Emily made her Kickstarter and every other step she takes in her career. I am glad to support such a wonderful artist!


Watching Emily’s art journey is so inspirational! From little snippets of delight, to magical creatures and enchanting tales, to information about her creative process and the realities of being an artist and business woman. I always look forward to her posts, and have learned a lot from her over the years.

Natalie Eslick

I’ve loved being part of Emily’s community of patrons! Her art is incredible and she’s a wonderful communicator, so fun and engaging, more dedicated to her audience than many others. The community of patrons Emily has gathered are all lovely too. Will be following any new venture of hers eagerly and joyfully!


I’ve been a member of Emily’s since right after she did her first Kickstarter. That’s how I found out about her wonderful work and then next thing you know I’m a Patron! It’s hard to describe how much joy Emily’s art gives me. It exudes positive energy – even the art that’s more on the dark side. 🙂 I love being able to see what’s going on “behind the scenes”. Not being an artist myself, I’m glad I get to live vicariously through her and the lovely community of patrons she has.



Frequently Asked Questions


Chances are if you are here you are already familiar with my work. By becoming a member, not only do you get glorious exclusive treats for your eyeballs, but your support will allow me to continue to create more books, paintings and stories in future! 


You are billed immediately when you sign up for my membership and then monthly (or annually, depending on which you choose) on the same date you joined. 

is it easy to cancel my membership?

Yes! You can cancel your membership at any time, you are not tied into a contract. Please be aware though if you are on the £65 tier and cancel before your 3 month cycle is up, you do not get the painting described. Depending on when you cancel at that tier I will be able to send you something smaller and less detailed.


Not in the typical sense no. My membership is not designed as a ‘how to’, it is purely a peek into how I work. However, I do share the stages of making a painting from sketches, ideas and inspiration right to the finished piece. I don’t share the complete process of every painting I work on just occasional ones. 

Can i commission you to paint something for me if I am not a member?

No, at the moment I do not offer commissions outside of this membership. 

Can I ask you a question about the membership?

You absolutely can! If you aren’t sure or if there’s anything you want to ask then you can email me.


I accept credit card and PayPal

How do I see the content I have signed up for?

Firstly make sure that you are logged in to your membership, then you can navigate to all areas of the site, and see all of it via ‘POSTS’ in the menu at the top of this page.

Is this like Patreon?

Yes! The only difference is that there is no middleman. I built this site and run it on my own. I answer any and all queries myself and fix any issues that might arise. It’s built on WordPress which is an incredibly well known web building platform. 

why did you leave Patreon?

It just so happens I wrote a blog post about this very thing! You can read it here: Why I Left Patreon.


Yes! This is easy. Just go to your account page when you are signed in, click on ‘Subscriptions’ and then ‘Change Plan’ and that will give you a little dropdown box to upgrade or downgrade. If you are at the £6 tier and you up to £10, £50 or £65 you will not be charged extra, it will take into account the £6 you have already paid. Likewise if you want to reduce your membership from £10 to £2 then you will not be charged twice.


The secret shop is separate to my main shop online. This is where I post original artwork for members to access before I add them to my public shop www.emilyhare.co.uk. There will also be occasional prints which are reduced in price because of minor imperfections and any items that are exclusive to members.


Basement Troll Video – Enchantment Tier Reward

Basement Troll Video – Enchantment Tier Reward

Hi folks! A big thank you to Sandra for the fun prompt for her commission for this cycle! I had so much fun painting this little guy! I made a timelapse of the process of this guy - normally I won't do Timelapse's as they really do take up so much time (and I have to...

Animation Of Blinking Eyes Tutorial In Procreate

Animation Of Blinking Eyes Tutorial In Procreate

First of all, a big warm welcome to my newest patron, Lisa! Thank you so much for joining my special little place on the internet! ALSO my Kickstarter goes live a week tomorrow and you can go and 'follow' it so that you get an email as soon as it goes live (I will...

Little Mushroom Guy

Little Mushroom Guy

This is Elizabeth's Enchantment tier reward (from when she was on Patreon). I hope you like him Elizabeth! Also a big warm welcome to my newest member, Lexie!! Lovely to have you here!! YAY! He will be going into my new creature book! I'm still trying to think of...

Month Of Love – ‘Embrace’

Month Of Love – ‘Embrace’

This week and next week are the weeks i've chosen to do my Month Of Love entries. The first two prompts ( Silence and Rift) didn't speak to me so much. I am also doing a million things at the moment too (finishing Secrets Of Strangehollow which should have the edit...




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