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January 06, 2020

Hi gang!

In this blog I’m just going to give a rundown of my desk where I work and what various gadgets I use that help me do what I do. The studio is very small and I share it with Matt and any time there is bright natural light flooding in, it has to be shut out because that doesn’t work with Matt’s digital art… hence all my lights!

I have recently invested in a camera so that I can make more videos (EXCITING! – here is the last one I made) rather than using my phone, which runs out of battery too fast for it to be practical and just doesn’t give me as crisp an image as I want. I tried a gadget called the IPEVO 4K which was a desktop webcam type device but all my videos just turned out far too gloomy.

I have photographed my desk and will break down all the bits and bobs that may be of interest. This is my desk as it is normally and the right hand side is where there are usually lots of pencils/paper and bits that don’t usually get tidied away. 

Here I have marked out each object and I will give you links where I can to where I purchased each item: 

  1. There are lots of 1’s! These are all lights that I have collected over the past two years. There are two Youkoyi LED Lamps which clamp to the desk and you can move them about easily to point where you want. There is a little standing LED lamp that lights my ceramic palette too. Then finally a newer addition which is the ‘ring light‘ (also known as a beauty light) that is above the desk. I have attached it to a microphone arm that I had been using to hold my phone for painting videos. It is always worth looking around outside of Amazon for better deals on these things!
  2. Is my newest addition which is the Manfrotto Single Arm 2 Section with Camera Bracket + Super Clamp. It is VERY sturdy (metal parts) and really good value (£60.90 as of today). It is holding my new Sony A6400 camera very easily, be sure to look at the max weight limit on this arm, I don’t know how big or sturdy a camera it would hold as some of the reviews mention it wouldn’t hold their camera’s weight. Manfrotto also do a slightly more expensive arm which could be better if you have a heavier camera. Look up ‘Manfrotto variable friction arm’ and you will find a selection. Big thanks to the wonderful Will Chidlow for the suggestion of the arm, go check out his youtube as it is very good! He is a great friend and is the filmmaker of my current Patreon video
  3. Good old iPad Pro. I use this mainly for reference when painting and sometimes to play crappy tv in the background while I work! 
  4. Ceramic palette. I prefer ceramic palettes as they don’t stain like plastic ones do. This one is a bit of a beast and definitely not for travel! Works great for me though for home. Just search on eBay or Amazon for ceramic palette and you’ll find a few! Jackson’s Art Supplies are also a great resource as well as Cass Art. I get my paints mostly from those two. 
  5. Mini chest of drawers (the left side of the desk has another chest which I also found in the same shop). I found this on Wayfair but you can find these kinds of drawers all over the place and often second hand. I use this to store all my watercolour tubes and label each drawer with the appropriate colours ‘blues’, ‘greens’, ‘yellows’, etc. 
  6. Drinking water! I am very careful to put my drinking glass FAR away from my paint water. I have never as yet accidentally had a drink from my paint water and I am confident this is because of my careful placement! 
  7. Two glasses of water for paint, one to get fresh water on the brush, the other for cleaning the brush. FAR AWAY from my drinking water area!
  8. Mini travel hairdryer – this is always plugged in and ready to go when I need to speed up the drying time of a painting. Only cost about a fiver and has been around for years!

So, that is it! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to pop them in the comments below! 



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